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Gear Deals: Helmets

Posted by Rephreshed On 2:00 AM

Helmets seem to be the one things I find lacking most often on the mountain. Now, I can't really say much since I, myself, don't currently rock one, but it really is an inexpensive investment in your future. I'll soon be joining the helmet wearing crowd once I figure out what one I want to buy.

With that being said, their are many options available to buy a good helmet at a considerably low price. Depending on what brand/style you want, you can find a decent helmet for as low as $25! I don't know about anyone else, but $25 versus thousands of dollars for medical care seems like a silly comparison. Now you may be wondering, where can I get a deal like that?

Simple!! Many on-line stores are having sales on helmets, but here's a list of some sites to check out:! Even has helmets!)


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