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Jiminy Peak 1/10/10

Posted by Rephreshed On 10:29 PM

Boarding today at Jiminy Peak was the most fun I've had so far this season. We decided to take our time today heading out to the mountain and ended up doing a twilight session. I've never snowboarding at night so tonight was super fun!!

PROGRESSION was the word of the night for me. So stoked to be finally getting things figured out.. and getting over my fear of falling ;-)

The snow was... eh. There was a lot of fluff to play with but under all that fluff was ice. And man! The few inevitable falls are took are going to hurt in the morning. I also met a couple from New Jersey who made the drive up to the mountain for the week. It was their first time ever boarding and it was nice to see how excited they were to be there. I don't care what anyone says, I'm always excited to meet up with new riders.

I'm pretty sure we're taking next weekend off and then getting one or two days in the following week. Lot's to look forward to coming up in February and March, too!


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