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West Mountain 2/27/10

Posted by Rephreshed On 3:06 PM

Yesterday my husband and I decided to head up to West Mountain for the day. We hit up West a few times last season so it was nice to head back this year. I brought my camera but didn't end up taking any pictures while we were there. The visibility was really poor due to the fog and snow that was falling so I decided to forgo the pictures.

Since the visibility was crap we decided to hang out on the lower mountain. Pete hung out in the park while I hit the main face for a few laps. We discovered that the mountain installed a Magic Carpet lift so we headed over to the bunny hill to see what it was all about. It was an interesting adventure, that's for sure!! I stayed on the bunny hill for a few runs to get my confidence back after a huge slam I took earlier in the day.

While on the bunny hill, I met some cool people and was even able to help some people figure little things out like how to get up after falling and guide them on how to turn off their toes. It was a good time and the mood was chill.

Before the night ended I hit up the front face a few more times and I was super stoked at how I did. Linking turns is becoming so much easier and things are getting wicked fun. Can't wait to ride again soon.

As a sidenote, when I took a hard slam yesterday, I bounced my forehead off the ground and I swear my helmet was the only thing that kept me from getting a concussion. I woke up this morning and my neck is tight as hell. Thanks West Mountain for your gift of whip-lash!


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