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Posted by Rephreshed On 11:05 AM

This week's reflection is with Kelly Vance from Check it out!

Who were you most influenced by this season? mom?  Or my future baby.  My mom yelled at me for snowboarding pregnant, and my future baby was the reason my mom yelled at me.

What was your greatest achievement this season?

Making it through SIA while pregnant and hormonal without punching any bro bras, I guess.  Other than that, we didn't do anything that was too different than the past seasons, just continued to plug away at creating new and interesting content.

When did you feel your business did its best this season?

We typically do best in the early to mid winter, when people are looking forward to a season of snowboarding, and this year was the same.  Later in the season, interest wanes a bit, I think because most people are off jonesing for their summer sports.

Why was this season important to you?

With two of the key players in the magazine, myself and Diana, our team manager, having babies I'm sure this season will mark a shift in attitude for Shred Betties.  Other than that, it was just a lot of the same: a continued effort to expand content, bring in new voices, and reach out to our readers.

How do you think your season turned out, after all is said and done?

For me personally, pretty dull!  Being pregnant puts a damper on the snowboarding, especially since I enjoy backcountry riding, and that was pretty much out of the question.  I tried to go once but got super paranoid thinking about how long it'd take me to get to the hospital.

For Shred Betties, pretty well.  We completed a very well-received site redesign, and continued to grow and expand the site and our readership.  However, budgets were tight in the snow industry this season, making it difficult to bring in new advertising income.  So... not quite as much financial growth as we would have liked, but great growth in readership and content.


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