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Tyrant Snowboards.. What a Joke!

Posted by Rephreshed On 1:07 AM

The internet buzz surrounding Tyrant Snowboards has caught on like wildfire. Nothing this company can say or do will change the minds of individuals throughout the snowboard industry. If you're not familiar with this occurance check out the company's video from SIA:

After rifling through the world wide web, it became more obvious what kind of idiots run this company. Their image of thuggary not only makes them look uneducated, but makes people weary of even purchasing their products. Why would someone a) want to buy products when the spokesperson doesn't know what he's talking about and b) want to represent a company that doesn't know how to handle itself when backed into a corner?

I have to give Dirty D. some sort of credit. After being called out for his inability to successfully represent the snowboard company he rides for, he put his tail between his legs and apologized for his behavior. The owner of the company, not so much.

If you go to the Tyrant Snowboards website, you instantly get a feeling that this brand must be a joke. The home page has poor grammer, a weak design, and is rarely updated. The graphics the company uses are lame and the choice of social networking is outdated. Who uses Myspace anymore? After checking out the official site, I then headed over to the Tyrant Snowboards facebook page. I was again instantaneously thrown off by what I saw: a bunch of want-to-be gangster posts and some slutty female pictures.

This company is 100% an epic failure. Sure, they make snowboards and they stand by them. Other than that, all they do is makes waves in the snowboard community by making idiotic postings and causing rumbles through other websites. If you don't believe me, check out these links:

-Snowboarding Forum
-Shred The Gnar, Brah!
-Sierra Snowboard
-The Angry Snowboarder
-Deserts Don't Snow

After looking further into the world wide web, I also found that their are no available reviews for Tyrant Snowboards. So let me leave you with this, if Tyrant Snowboards in run by snowboarders, for snowboarders, then why hasn't anyone heard of them? Why isn't anyone interested in them enough to review them?


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