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Resolution 2011

Posted by Rephreshed On 9:35 PM

It's already the second week of January so this update is a little behind in the times. I didn't want this update to be half-assed and meaningless to those who actually visit Rephreshed regularly. With that being said, here's Rephreshed's 2011 Resolution.

As just another snowboard blog, Rephreshed is taking the time to choose a resolution that is dedicated to you, the reader. From this day forward, I am dedicating myself to updating the blog more regularly, unlike what is happening now. What I need from my readers is a swift kick in the butt if it looks like things are slacking. Life happens and things often get pushed to the wayside but that's no longer going to be an acceptable excuse. This blog is more than just something to do in my free time. It is my passion. I don't want it to be something people pass by due to feeling like it has nothing to offer them.

Today is the start of a new year, a new beginning. Join me for the ride!


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