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Gear Deals: Expect the Unexpected

Posted by Rephreshed On 4:22 AM

Many snowboarders, and even skiers, live on a limited income and spend what they do have at the mountain in order to do what they love. At times, that may lead to worn out gear that's just too expensive to replace. If your fortunate enough to live near or in a fairly developed area, you may be surprised what options you have for discounted gear.

If camping out for end of year bargains isn't your thing, then expand your horizons. Just a little anyway! I happened to walk into a local Marshalls to kill some time and was amused by what I saw. Tucked away in a back corner of the store was on Outerwear section. I headed over and saw that they actually had decent product. Granted it was last year's models, but hey, beggars can't be choosers!! They had Burton pants and coats for as little as $59.99 and even Spyder pants for as little as $19.99. I saw a pair of North Face Freedom's for $79.99 that originally retailed for $149.99 and couldn't pass up the offer. That's a $70 savings!!!

So the point of this is to tell everyone to expect the unexpected. Check out stores you may not think carry the gear you may be in desperate need of. So what, you may not have a Marshall's or TJ Maxx but their are option out there. You just have to look!


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