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Rockin the Helmet!

Posted by Rephreshed On 10:49 PM

My in-laws were kind enough to give my husband and myself gift cards so we could buy helmets for Christmas. I ended picking up the K2 Clutch Pro. I'm kind of excited to use it and  see how it feels on the mountain.

The lining is super plush and soft. The chin strap is plush as well so I won't have to worry about chin chafe. The helmet has built in audio speakers which I don't intend on using for a little while. I still get nervous that I'm not going to hear what's going on behind me.

We're planning on going boarding on New Year's Day at West Mountain and then 1 or 2 days the following week at Gore Mountain so I'll be getting some use from the helmet soon. Check back and mabye I'll throw up a review!


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