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WTF: Headlight Running Shoes

Posted by Rephreshed On 6:43 AM

As I was searching around for what new running shoes may be coming out in the near future, I stumbled upon an LED running shoe. Definitely not your typical running shoe design.

The shoe itself is still a prototype so the over all construction is not complete but the concept is there. Their are LED lights behind the heal and in front of the toes that are supposed to be turned off by a push button on the back of the shoe. How the lights are charged is interesting in and of itself as well.

In order to charge the lights, their is a magnetic feature in the sole. Kind of like the flashlights that you have to turn or shake to light up, the kinetic energy charges the battery.

The thing that gets me is how much weight these features will add to the shoe. If anyone has run before, runs for fun, or even runs to compete, it's common knowledge that a lighter shoe is more comfortable and allows for easier momentum and push off. And the sole... you want a cushion sole that bounces back if you heal strike and prevents knee, hip, and ankle pressure. If your running on a magnet that shakes when you run, you'd think the heal strike would be painful.

And another thing! Why do you necessarily need light on the ground? Yes, it's supposed to shine light approximately 5ft in front of you, but what if your running on a trail? How would you see a branch you might run into? Or if you're running on a street, not everyone is going to pay attention to light on the ground. So you're supposed to either carry a flashlight (or wear one on your head) and have them in your shoes that will cause more harm then good when you strike your feet on the ground?

It's an interesting concept and a good idea in theory, just not practical in the slightest!

If you want to read more about this prototype running shoe head to DVICE and read the article!


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