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So close I can taste it

Posted by Rephreshed On 12:22 PM

I'm really excited to see that some mountains are starting to get some fresh natural snow and are able to start snow making. The nagging for snow since June can now stop but I'm sure I'll still be bugging people by counting down until the next time I can go boarding.

This season seems like it is going to be the best yet, by far!! A co-worker of mine is extremely interested in learning to board. She is a skier so I'm stoked to try and convert her to boarding. I think we are going to hit up a day at Okemo and take advantage of the learn to ski or ride for free program. I could always use a refresher course and I wouldn't want to leave her alone.

Other than that Ill be spending a day in December at Stratton and then a 2-3 more days there again in March. I'm hoping to hit up Killington sometime in January or February. My husband gets a free ticket to Jiminy Peak through his work so that will mean we only have to purchase one ticket each time we go there so we'll probably spend 3-4 days there. Bromley is a mountain I can't wait to try. I'll be showing Michael some love at least 2 days in February. December and January will most likely include a trip to Hunter to pay Kurt a visit. The best part about the season for me right now it $17 lift tickets on Monday's and Tuesday's at West Mountain which is the closest mountain to me. We'll also probably spend New Years Day at either Royal Mountain or maybe visit Gore Mountain.

After typing it all out, I'm doing a lot of riding at different mountains. Good way to get variety I suppose. Me and my husband have a bet going on for how many days we get to ride this year. I'm capping us at 20 days, he thinks about 15. We'll see who's the closest come April. 20's not a lot of days but for working full time and having a toddler, that's really not bad for being an Ice Coast rider.

For now, December 11th needs to hurry up and get here!!


  1. Jenise Said,

    I wish I only had 9 days to wait. I think I'm still at 24.... I guess it's only fair though because I went boarding in August.
    I would kill for $17 lift tickets. :/

    Posted on December 3, 2009 at 7:34 PM

  2. Rephreshed Said,

    Where did you go boarding in August?

    The deal with the $17 lift tickets is it's night riding. Have to bundle up extra to take advantage of it, so worth it though!

    Posted on December 3, 2009 at 9:00 PM


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