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Gear Deals: Base Layers

Posted by Rephreshed On 10:14 PM

As everyone knows by now, the economy has gone down the shitter. With the new season about to start, some of us may need to upgrade our gear with some new base layers. Instead of purchasing items that are way too over-priced for most snow-bums, I'm giving you a list of items that can be purchased for less than $20.

Burton Lightweight Women's Thermal Pants: $7

Burton Lightweight Thermal Cew: $10.49

Burton Midweight Thermal Pants: $10.49

Volcom Anti-Matter Pant: $19.98

Sessions Diffused Plaid Capri Pant: $13.98

Special Blend Striped Sweater: $13.50

Volcom Coast Pant: $19.98

Volcom Sierra Top: $19.98


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