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WTF: Olympic Snowboarding Uniform

Posted by Rephreshed On 8:18 PM

On Friday December 4th, Burton unveiled the 2010 Olympic snowboard uniform. I keep looking at it and honestly have mixed feelings about it. It's not your typical outerwear look and it's really throwing me off.

It's not something I would have thought to be worn by our countries elite riders, that's for sure!! I like the jackets. Not gonna lie,  I'd rather wear the mens coat over the womens coat. I don't understand why the women's coat is so short..

And the pants!!! That's where the WTF comes in. They are designed to look like a pair of denim pants someone would wear off the hill. They even have faux tears in the pant. Hmm... why?! What gets me about the tears is that ALL of the pants have the same 'tears' in the same spot.. Now how would a whole bunch of people tear their  pants in the same spots? And then wear them at the same time? I don't get it.. Also, why would someone want to wear denim on the hill.. Even if it isn't real denim? Just seems odd to me.

Back to the jackets though. The womens coat is too short!!! If one of the girls ended up falling they're in for a ton of snow down their pants. With the jackets being so short, theirs even more of a chance for the wind to get up inside the coat and totally cancel out its warmth. It all just doesn't make sense!

I personally would buy the coat if it was made in a different color, but I wouldn't wear it on the hill. And the pants, forget about it!

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  1. Anonymous Said,

    I completely disagree, I LOVE the pants! And all distressed jeans have tears in the same spot, it is the way they are made.

    Posted on February 18, 2010 at 9:46 PM

  2. Rephreshed Said,

    After seeing the pants on the snowboarders this week I've grown to like them.. not a lot, just a little. I'm still really not ok with wearing 'denim' snowboard pants.

    Posted on February 19, 2010 at 12:17 AM

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