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Jiminy Peak 1/24/10

Posted by Rephreshed On 1:41 PM

My husband and I decided to hit up Jiminy Peak for some twilight boarding. In hindsight, it probably would have been better to pay the extra money and head out during the day.

When we got there it was starting to rain but the snow was pretty decent. Super soft and a bit slower than usual. The mountain was packed due to some ski team racing going on. The day was definitely good for some progression. Pete is getting his box hits and straight airs down and my carving is getting a lot better.

Pete decided he was going to hit up the top of the mountain to check out conditions while I headed to Jiminy Cricket to work on my toeside turns. I guess the top had horrible visisability and was wicked icy so we stuck to the lower mountain.

After about two hours the wind picked up, the chair rides got to be a bit scary, and the snow turned to a sheet  of ice so we decided to end the day.

Waking up today I found out that the mountain and a bunch of other mountains closed for the day to protect their bases with all this rain we're getting hammered with. Their's no significant snowfall in the future which is pretty shitty. The only good thing is that temps are supposed to drop this week so snowmaking should be in full effect after tomorrow.

We haven't had as may days on snow as I would have liked this year but we have a good 6 or 7 days left this year so we should even out at about 10 days. Not too bad for living on the east coast and getting mostly rain throughout January. Our next day snowboarding should be at the Winter Dew Tour February 6th and 7th at Mount Snow. Super excited to catch the event right before the Olympics.


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