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Willard Mountain 1/1/10

Posted by Rephreshed On 12:10 AM

My husband and I started off the new year snowboarding at Willard Mountain. It's about a 45 minute drive from our apartment. It's very much a beginner mountain with a total of 14 trails, of which only 8 or 9 were open.

Pete waitin for me to strap in.

I have come to realize today that I ABSOLUTELY despise rope tows!!! I attempted it today once and decided it wasn't for me. If I can get off a lift fine, then I'm not messing with a rope tow!!

The day was really good over all. The snow wasn't too icy and their was a little bit of fluff left from the snow we got last night.

The best and worst part of the day was getting all the way to the mountain and realizing Pete forgot his boot bag. We went all the way home and when we got back the sun was out and it was warmer!

Wearing my new helmet. Super comfy, warm, and light on my head.

Over all the day was good. I felt really bad for all the people stuck on the lift at the end of the day since the lift broke.

We're looking to go boarding again next weekend if we can find a sitter for our little one. Thing whole snowboarding thing will be a lot easier once she's old enough to join us!


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