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WTF: Snowboard Tunnel

Posted by Rephreshed On 9:27 PM

If your snowboard obsessed or getting antsy in the summer and want somewhere to board, apparently a company in Australia has answered your prayers. But is that a good thing?

The snow tunnel is a corrugated steal tube that is refrigerated and then spun with hydraulics. The edges of a board cause "snow" to be formed. Now, i just don't know how riding in a spinning tube is even equivalent to snowboarding on the mountain.

On the official site they state: "The Snow Tunnel is a patented design that allows snowboarders/skiers the opportunity to ski all year round. Unlike other artificial environments, The Snowtunnel uses real snow and can be run at a fraction of the cost of larger refrigerated park rides."

They site also went on to say: "The snowtunnel offers an afordable alternative to mountain skiing. It also allows close proximatey viewing for training or promotional purposes and can be produced in a transportable version."

This thing looks fun, don't get me wrong. But how can it be used for training purposes? You can't really do any tricks other than some grabs and the whole feel of the riding is nothing like mountain riding.

Honestly, what were they thinking???

Check the video out below to get a glimpse into the world of The Snowtunnel.


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