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Royal Mountain 2/14/10

Posted by Rephreshed On 7:45 PM

We spent Valentine's day at a small hill in Caroga Lake, NY with the in-laws called Royal Mountain. We usually make one trip out there a year. The mountain is where I first learned to snowboard so it's always nice going back.

We had our daughter with us so when we got there, we had lunch with the in-laws and then headed out for some riding while our daughter enjoyed some sledding. After taking a few runs with my husband, I decided to let him do some park laps while I continued to ride some trails. After being cut-off by an angry old man skier, I was forced to go down a blue run for the first time. I was surprised at how much easier it was than the green run I had been taking.

We ended up heading in to see our daughter having fun only to find out she was being taken home by the in-laws due to her lack of having fun and grumpy behavior since she missed her nap for the day. Goodbye's were said and we were off for more fun.

I was already next to the bunny hill so I decided to head there to work on some technique only to fall HARD my first time down. Iforgot to take into account that the run would be icy due to all the lessons throughout the day and caught an edge. It was the worst pain ever and my left knee ended up swelling up. Not so fun!!! It was almost closing time, though, so I put the pain aside and we raced to the lift for some final runs which were wicked fun!

The intermediate trail we were taking throughout the day had so much fluff around the edges that was really wicked to play with. The mountain is only open on weekends and school holidays so their were still some fresh tracks to be made.

Over-all it was a good day. After riding we went back to the in-laws for some yummy dinner and to put our little one to bed.

It snowed today which is a huge bummer considering I only have one day off this week from work and no time to enjoy some riding. Next weekend... is a different story!


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