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Winter Dew Tour Finals 2/6/10

Posted by Rephreshed On 9:54 PM

Saturday my husband and I made our way back to Mt. Snow for the Winter Dew Tour half pipe finals. The drive was long but it was definitely worth it.

When we got there, their was time to spare in the frigid weather. The festival village closed at 4pm and the finals practice began at 5:30pm so we headed inside and watched some of the slope style finals from the day before that was being shown in the lodge and grabbed some grub.

Once practice started it was evident that even though snowboarding Olympic athletes may not be competing, the competition was still tight.

The women competed first and it was a sight to be seen. The cold and wind made is hard for some of the riders to hold their lines and some falls were had. Kaitlyn Farrington came out on top with a near perfect run. The finals saw a surprise competitor, Jamie Anderson. Although she finished in 6th, her runs were intense. She is definitely a rider that can hold her own in slope style and half pipe.

When it was announced that Kaitlyn Farrington won the over-all Dew Cup and the finals at Mt. Snow, the other female riders were ecstatic for her! Hugs were all around and everyone was in good spirits.

Next up were the men. Man, it was a good show! Brennan Swanson finished in 2nd after landing his new signature trick, the Double Crippler. He had never landed that trick in practice so it was sick to see in landed in finals.  He was so stoked and the crowd has roaring. That's a kid that has a lot of potential and I can't wait to see what's next from him. The competition was tense as Steve Fisher and JJ Thomas had it out for 1st place and and the over-all men's Dew Cup. After first runs, JJ Thomas was in first place and was boosting major air out of the pipe. Steve Fisher gave him a run for his money but fell short on his second run when he clipped the top of the pipe and fell. JJ Thomas finished in 1st and won the over-all title, but didn't hide his emotions and stated that the real win belonged to Danny Davis.

The following day was the Gatorade Free Flow Tour championship finals. I wasn't able to make it out for the day but was really happy to receive a text from Shred Betties team rider Erika Vikander telling me she finished in 4th. I thought Saturday was cold and windy, but apparently Sunday was even worse. Congrats again to Erika!! Watch out for this girl, she's a force to be reckoned with! Check out her blog for a write-up of the competition.


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