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Reflection: Ian Thorley

Posted by Rephreshed On 12:14 AM

This weeks Reflection is with snowboarder Ian Thorley. Check it out!

Who were you most influenced by this season?

I was really impressed with Sage Kostenburg this season! He is still so young and has a huge career in front of him but what i like the most about it Is that he is a prime example of hard work paying off! He has been working hard and had great support from his family! Hes consistent and is a huge force in snowboarding slope style! Also im always blown away by Chas Guldemond you put anything in front of that guy and he will ride it to his fullest hes a snowboarder through and through!

What was your greatest achievement this season?

For me my greatest achievement was getting on the podium at the Dew Tour. This summer i put alot of effert into learning double rodeos regular and switch landing one in Vermont was huge for me and it really paid off. Im just happy to be competing with those guys let alone getting 3rd.

Where was your most favorite place to shred this season?

I have been some cool places this season but for me its back at home in Tahoe North Star is the best place to board hands down and the weather cant be beat!

When did you feel your best shredding this season?

Its funny i think i was riding best at the 2nd stop of the dew tour in Utah i landed the same run in qualifiers that i did at Vermont in the finals but i didnt end up making it to finals. I think it helped me in the long run though!

Why was this season important to you?

It was a huge confidence booster for me. It felt good to place in a contest again i had been getting 4ths and top ten results for the last few years and it was getting pretty frustrating.

How do you think your season turned out, after all is said and done?

I think it was a good season! I tweaked my ankle at X games Europe and im struggling to get healthy again but when my ankle is better its off to Hood to learn more things for next season!


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