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Posted by Rephreshed On 4:32 AM

With the end of the snowboard season rapidly approaching for most people, it's also a time of reflection. Asking the who, what, where, when, why, and if's will be on the minds of a lot of people throughout the next couple months until next season.

Aside from self reflection there have also been some companies making changes in reflection of how the season has gone thus far. It's no surprise that Burton has made a huge wave in the world of on-line forums and discount sales. Add to that, other companies have been forced to decrease production, eliminate product from next years lines, and even end sponsor contracts with riders in order to save face and keep money in their pockets.

Each week their will be a post talking about the personal and professional reflections among myself, fellow riders, and companies in the industry in order to shine light on what it takes to remain stoked on snowboarding and survive during the economic crisis that everyone in the continental US is feeling.


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