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WTF: Where's All the Snow?

Posted by Rephreshed On 1:59 AM

It's the middle of March but it looks and feels like it's the middle of April. We haven't had any new snowfall since the middle of February. Instead we've been getting some rain and some warm temps. Really?

I get it, Mother Nature hates the East Coast this year and Global Warming is a bitch. Not a good combination for snow lovers. A lot of resorts are planning on staying open until the first week of April but I don't see that happening for the lower elevation mountains. We're supposed to get up into the 60's this week. THE 60'S!!!! Wait, I did say it was the middle of March, right?

I guess all we can do on the East Coast is get in those last few shred days and pray the summer and fall are short and sweet. I'll be doing the snow dance come October and hope for a better winter next year.


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