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Columbia Omni-Heat: A Review

Posted by Rephreshed On 9:16 PM

A few weeks ago, Columbia Outerwear contacted a group of bloggers to have them review their Omni-Heat series. Being one of those selected, I was sent the Women's Frosty Forest Parka to review.

I decided to have an XL jacket sent to me, being that I know women's jackets generally don't fit well. I have curves and am not a size 2 so I was hoping my decision wouldn't be a bad one. After receiving the jacket, I was slightly concerned. The jacket fit decently well but was short on the waist.

I wore this jacket snowboarding, to clean off my car, and outside at work at 2am. The Frosty Forest Parka was generally warm but I found the sleeves to be the least warm part on extremely cold days. It was nice to see that the jacket could be worn as a shell, a liner, or combined. The pockets were difficult to use because they were attached to the shell and unable to be accessed in a pinch without having to unzip the jacket.

The best part about the jacket were the cuffs. With the thumb holes in the cuffs, it made putting gloves on simpler and kept my wrists warm on breezy and cold days. The hood was slightly too big for my head and left a lot of room for cold air to collect.

If I could change anything with the jacket, I would make it longer and add more pockets to the liner. The sleeves could also have more play to them and not be so constricting as well as the addition of a powder skirt. I learned very quickly that without tucking my shirt in, if I fell or sat down, I got snow down my pants. Not so much fun when it's in the negative degrees on the slopes.

Overall, this is a decent jacket. Not necessarily meant for a snowboarder, but their were some features I would like to see on more jackets.


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