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Snowboard Humor: Craiglist Ads

Posted by Rephreshed On 9:34 PM

It's not a new concept. Post unneeded items on and get some cash in your pocket. Do people really need to sell their old smelly boots though? Even snowboards that no longer exist in production or have rarely been heard of?

Take for instance, does anyone really care to buy a Free Country Coat with Hood? I mean for $35, you could totally have an epic jacket for your local mountains Gaper Day. This thing is U.G.L.Y.!

What about some old Burton boots? At some point, everyone needs a pair of boots in a pinch. Do yourself a favor, don't buy these:

$25 Burton Boots
I'm pretty sure anyone with a brain can figure out that going to a local shop would be a better bet at getting a decent pair of used boots. Better technology and a newer product means happy feet.

Boards? Really? Who remembers M3 or MFour? These boards are ancient and won't do anything for your steeze or learning curve. Better off buying a new board, especially when the owners are asking for $300 and $200 for the items, respectively.



As poor as we may all be, it's no excuse to sell or buy bad product. I'd rather be homeless with good gear!


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