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Twitter Men's Superpipe Wrap-up of X-Games 15

Posted by Rephreshed On 10:58 PM

Unless you were dead to the world, or in Canada, I hope you didn't miss men's snowboarding superpipe finals. The most epic part of the night was the ridiculous tweet show that went down. Here's a look back at some of the commentary along with my feelings on what was said.

 LOUIE. @ goes trip dubs and launches into first with a — what?? 2nd? whoa...
 @ takes bronze at !!!! Congrats to Shaun and Scotty for gold and silver!
 What do you think... should @'s score have been higher?

That there is exactly how myself and half of America felt. Who gets shafted that bad when their run was way technical? I can't say it enough, just because you go bigger it doesn't mean you do better!

 Shaun are you just happy to see us or...leather pants revel all.
 Wow. I think Shaun White's pants need to be a little tighter. Not sure I can make out his knee caps.

Oh Tricia Byrnes, you're tweets are epic. Who wears a leather jacket when snowboarding? I wonder if Shaun White wants to have kids some day. And he admits his pants look like women's pants.. Douche!

 ok so when's someone just going to call Shaun White the Fire Crotch of Doom this Darth White shit so lame

Couldn't agree more. I could die happy if I never have to see any coverage of Shaun White ever again. He didn't even make slopestyle finals and ESPN was all in his shit. His name is Shaun White, not Prince or PDiddy. No need for a new knickname every season.

 "when you are as good as Shaun is, you can wear what ever you want" - @

Oh Sal Masekela, don't get it twisted. Don't give him credit where credit is not due. Shaun White was sloppy as hell in this contest. Definitely did not deserve the score he got!

 Lago in the lead ? Will my fantasy of lago winning x games pipe come true ? Best style in snowboarding hands down
 @ just landed the best run of his life. W/ his mouth wired shut. Mellllowwwww!
 Wow Alli, wow. epic. "Scotty Lago leads the Rebel Alliance in an attempt to take down Darth White"

Scotty Lago is my hero. Yes, I did just have a fan crazy moment. All that aside, this kid rips hard. Glad to see him land in second. Too bad it wasn't first. Their's always next year. Scotty gets MVP of the year award in my opinion.

 Kazu threw down a sick run. Only a 85.33? Did the judges fall asleep? 
 Kazu is getting screwed. he has the best style
 Come on? Kazu gets the shaft
 If you want style save it for your video part ? Facepalm !
 When is style gonna win over double corks?  

Undoubtedly, Kazu Kokubo has style for ages. Does that mean he has a run to beat out the competition? Absolutely not! Again, style and amplitude isn't always better than technicality when a contest such as X-Games is going down. Have to give him credit for switching things up his last run, though.

 Shaun wins it! Whitemare the Gold, Scotty the Silver, Louie Vito the Bronze! Louie Vito

Congrats to Scotty Lago and Louie Vito for silver and bronze. Their's always next year boys. You better bring it! As for Shaun White, ugh, so over it.

 RT @: X Games judges suck.

It's not just X-Games judges, it's all contest judges. Shit is weak!


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