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New boots!!

Posted by Rephreshed On 8:59 PM

I decided Friday that I was going to get into the snowboarding spirit and pick up a new pair of boots to replace the Burton's I have. Can't wait to get rid of those!!

I decided to go with 08/09 ThirtyTwo Prion's. I had previously tried on the Burton Mint's at the expo and a pair of K2's at another shop but neither of those felt as good as the Prion's. I was surprised at how much better I actually like the lace up boots over the Boa design. For me, it's easier to tighten and loosen the laces where I need them to be.

ThirtyTwo Prion's

I was also happy about the design of the boots and their perks. Attached to the boots were 2 labels that described the soles and in-soles of the boots.

If you can't read that, it says "The stobel/insole board in this shoe contains 70% recycled content. Of that 70% recycled content, 80% is from recycled plastic bottles and the remaining 20% from recycled post-industrial material". I'm all about recycling and there is a definite need for it with all the plastic bottles floating around. The other tag is as follows:

This one is kind of hard to read as well but says "Stops Odor, Prevents Bacterial & Fungal Growth, Continuous Release of Antimicrobial, and Environmentally Friendly Technology". Now this again made me very excited but we shall see what happens by the end of the season. Nothing like sweaty stinky feat!

Hopefully mother nature will cool it out and decide to SNOW!!! All we are getting is rain and the temps are anywhere between 45-65 degrees. Boo!!! A bunch of mountains are still saying they are going to be open for Thanksgiving weekend, and I hope they do! I'm looking forward to it!

Oh, as a side note, I decided to bike yesterday at the gym and did 16.2 miles in 45 minutes. I'm hoping to get into a spin class tomorrow, too. My shins still hurt from time to time so I'm not going to push myself to run quite yet. Gotta keep protect them for shred season!


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